You + Me.

~ 30 days

~ 30-40 minutes a day

~ Custom Nutrition Plan

~ Journal to track your progress

But I have already spent so much money trying to lose weight.

But I have a gym membership I haven’t used in 6 months.

I should just be able to do this on my own.

Why can’t I do this on my own?

Why do I keep starting and quitting?

These are the types of things that used to run through my head every Wednesday when I would start a new workout program/meal plan/group exercise class on Monday then come the middle of the week I had been derailed, and every Monday I would start over.

I think I became more frustrated in the fact that I couldn’t stick with something then the fact that my goals were slipping further and further away.

Maybe some of these thoughts have run through your mind too.
Why couldn’t someone just help me and if I didn’t get the results I wanted then I got my money back? Yea right, who would do that for me?

Well I am doing that for YOU.

I want you to feel so confident when you step into a room and not be self conscious about how your arms look or sucking your stomach in.

Doesn’t that sound freeing?

If what you are doing simply isn’t working then why not try something new?

I want you to achieve YOUR goals, and if you don’t I want to give you your money back. Because I care how you feel in your own skin because I’ve been there too.

If you are ready to give YOURSELF another chance, just one more try complete this application ASAP.

I am only accepting 5 women for this challenge and spots will go fast.

Lets do this together.