My Work Is Just Beginning

Someone asked me today what my life would look life if I never made the decision to be a coach. That answer couldn’t be summed up in a short message so I asked her to give me a few hours. You see, tomorrow a group of amazing women who just recently decided that it’s their passion, their destiny, to inspire others to live a healthy lifestyle begin their training on the ins and outs of being a coach. And someday someone will ask them the same question I got today.

If I never made the decision to be a coach nearly a thousand lives wouldn’t have been given the opportunity to once and for all lose the weight that has been dragging them around and depleting their confidence. Hundreds wouldn’t have been given the chance to then pay that forward and create not only physical freedom but financial freedom for themselves and their families. I would never have been able to see women, who desperately wanted to stay home and raise their children be able to do that through building a business from home. I would never have been able to mentor women who were drowning in the rat race of corporate America be able to say “screw that” and do something that allowed them the time freedom that their soul craved.

Because this isn’t about having 6 pack abs or only eating cans of tuna fish. This is about helping people create a life they LOVE whatever that looks like for them. And based on the rising statistics on obesity and debt, my work has just begun.

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

I remember wondering when I started coaching if I was going to have to do it all on my own. Don't get me wrong, I'm not scared of hard work. I just needed someone to point me in the right direction and honestly I didn't even know if that was a "thing".

Man was I wrong. From day 1 our team said "here, this is the way" and all I had to do was start taking action. Now I get to pay that forward and I'm spending the afternoon finishing my notes for a super fun call with new coaches on our team. I love showing them how to run a successful business online and what I've done right - AND what I've done wrong so they can avoid my mistakes.It's simple. Its systematic. and It's a step-by-step plan.

No secrets or smoke and mirrors here - just the real deal advice! Teamwork makes the dream work!


Design Your Life

Get ready for this bold statement. 98% of people will be dead or dead broke by the age of 65 (source: Dani Johnson) I believe it is irresponsible to not have a financial plan-b, side hustle or backup plan. Whatever you want to call it. You can be replaced by a computer tomorrow (how many receptionists have been replaced with automated phone systems??), there could be another financial meltdown (how many real estate agents do you know lost it all in 2008?) By not having something set up where you receive residual income or dividends you are literally sticking your head in the sand and I don't want to see you do that - then be in a crises with something beyond your control happens.

I get it - It takes guts to do more than the average person. It's not easy going back to school to finish that degree, getting a certification, or starting your own business. (So if you have done ANY of those then I am giving you a virtual high five right now!!) It's actually more than hard, it's scary. What if I fail? Wait if I don't make back my investment? What will people think of me? (Correction: actually I got over that last one about 3 years ago) But if you never take big risks you will never see big reward (and have fun on the "safe" hamster wheel).

So I for one am willing to take those risks because I'm not willing to live 80 of the same years over and over again and call it a life. What about you?

What Can You Do in 30 Days?

What can you accomplish in 30 days? 30 days ago coming home from Alaska I set new goals. I wanted to not only get back on track with my fitness and nutrition but really ENJOY the process. I wanted to feel mentally refreshed, physically rejuvenated and all around just more full of life. Sure, there have been a few hard days this past month but they have been very few and far between. I haven't missed a single workout the past month and my nutrition has been about 80% of the plan because I wouldn't (and never will) miss out on life experiences just because of a program that I'm on - that's just how I roll.

The emails went out today for the official enrollment of the Back To School Boot Camp and right now there are only 8 spots left. Drop your email in the comments below if you are ready for the next 30 days to be different than your last. You are capable of amazing things and I am here to be your guide.

Ego Vs. Health

Today was a battle of ego vs health. I worked late into the night with a headache that ended up getting so bad I was up at 2am feeling nauseous. My alarm clock went off at the per-usual 5am. My mind wasn't doing the 2 year old "I don't wanna", it was doing the "I don't need to do this".

I think mindfulness is knowing when to push yourself and when to let your body rest. That workout would not have done anything but make me feel more exhausted and that extra sleep is what my body needed to have to re calibrate. Maybe a workout will happen today and maybe it won't and because this is a lifestyle not a diet I am choosing to listen and that just might mean another rest day for this girl.

Choose Balance

Do you know what makes this lifestyle doable? Balance. What I do, and what I help my clients do day in and day out is find the balance between the brownie and the wine, and the green smoothie and the workout. Health is not a "diet" or a "fad" it’s a lifestyle. When the motivation fades (and it will) dedication kicks in. Dedication to be the best I can be.

That means eat the amazing dessert my sister makes but setting my alarm clock 30 minutes earlier to sweat a little more the next day. It means having meaningful conversation over a glass of wine, then making a green smoothie the next morning.

This isn't about perfection - its about progress. I'm the same girl in person as I am online, so yes, you will see me opt for the seltzer water over the dr pepper (which I used to love), drink wine with you on Fridays then lace up my shoes with you on Saturday morning. I'll never pretend to be perfect - but I know what I do works - because it’s worked for me and the over 500 women I have helped. Get off the yo-yo and choose balance.

Half Year Evaluation

Another half of a year has passed. Are you exactly where you thought you would be in life? Have you progressed this year like you thought you would have? How about those new year’s resolutions? How are those coming?



I know my answer is no for a lot of those. So if that was your answer too, I’m right there with ya girl. I have failed SO MANY times this year already - but you know what the cool part is? I KNOW that failure is the path to success. If I'm not failing I'm not moving forward and I'm not growing. What I do know is I am farther ahead than I was in January, this time last year, and 2 years ago. Because I decided to stop letting life happen to me, and I took control.


Was it scary? You bet. Is it not-traditional? Definitely. But have I made more personal growth, income growth and relationship growth in the last 2 years than I have in previous 8? BY FAR. All because I decided to take this crazy leap into this thing called “coaching” not knowing what the heck I was doing or how I would make this work. I jumped and learned how to fly on the way down.

I know where I am going, and I know where our team is headed. Is it time for you to make a leap? It’s ok to be scared - I was. What isn’t ok is for you to keep letting life pass you by. You’ve only got one - do it big.

Working While Traveling: All It Takes Is Guts and Wifi

I will never take for granted the ability to travel like we do. Having the finances and the flexibility to visit so many amazing places isn't something I take lightly but it doesn't come without hard work.

When I get messages like "so jealous" and "you’re so lucky" I want to hug you and tell you that I am not special and you can do the same. Are there sacrifices? You bet. I have no clue what's happening on Walking Dead - actually I have never seen an episode. I get up before the sun comes up to knock out my workout so I can leave more time in the evenings for calls with our team and making trainings to help THEM be successful. But the thing is- it's so much fun, and totally worth the lack of extra sleep and tv.

What is better than actually making money through social media (heck- we are on here already anyway), and hanging out with the most amazing, positive, inspiring people from all over the country? All it takes is some guts and wifi!

Why I Coach


I thought I was going to have to settle for “average”. Go to college, get a good job - ya know, everything they tell you. But my soul craves freedom to travel and 2 weeks of vacation a year just wasn’t going to cut it.

Can you relate? 2 years ago I decided to try something different. Something I could work on while still working full time to create that cushion of finances and not having to stress if I didn’t get paid for that extra week I took off work. I was working out at home with Insanity & learned that I could help people do this FOR A LIVING. I could help people get HEALTHY & I could help people become successful entrepreneurs - soaking up ALL THE TIME THEY WANT with their family.

Fast forward 2 years and my dream is becoming much more a reality. I am a much more confident person then I was just 2 years ago. I walk different, I talk different, and I view life in a more positive way. I do this work from home OR from my phone & make my OWN schedule. I get to help people learn how to change their LIFESTYLES!! I get to help them become HEALTHY for the LONG RUN. I wake up every day EXCITED to do what I do - because I LOVE it.

Normal Is Boring

“Normal" always seemed boring to me. Normal meant complaining how not fun marriage is, loads of debt, fighting because it's "how you work things out", a 30 year mortgage and a 50% divorce rate. No thank you. From the beginning I knew this wasn't going to be a "normal" relationship. But 8 years ago an understated, quiet man got my attention, and never let go.

Has it been easy? No. Has it been worth it? You bet your life. We've built houses together, laid sod for 14 hours straight, moved 7 times but we have also snowboarded across mountains, sailed the British Virgin Islands, partied the night away in Vegas and zip lined through Mexico.

I'll take "not normal" and "unconventional" any day of the week. I said "I do" at an unconventional wedding in Mexico, on a jetty, where our closest friends and family witnessed, celebrated, and blessed, our not normal way and we danced the night away, barefoot, under the Mexican moon. The love of my life, my partner in building our empire, my best friend, and the not so quiet anymore man grabbed my attention, and never let go.

How I Feel, Not How I Look

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” I remember when I used to think of my workouts as something I "had" to do, not something I "get" to do.

When I started to understand that by taking care of myself first that I became a happier person, better wife, more compassionate friend, and a better business owner, I started re-framing the way I talked about my workouts. Are they physically any easier? Definitely not. But mentally, yes, much easier. Because it becomes more about how I feel and less about how I look.

Why I Work On Saturday

Before I started coaching I would have NEVER been working on a Saturday. Just the thought would have probably seemed crazy to me. But I know what my goals are and what I'm working toward so sure, I'll give up and hour or 2 on a Saturday to do just a little bit more so in a few years I will be able to do what most other people can't.

I have this quote hanging right by my desk that says "You can either sacrifice now for what you want or the sacrifice will be the thing you want." So here we go - let's do this. And, I got this handy new little keyboard that my phone props up on but I can use the keyboard to actually type - it's seriously the coolest thing ever. I'm envisioning my productivity going up from 2 to 10 (get it, 2 thumbs to 10 fingers hehe).

We Need to Work Differently

I want to know if you are noticing this trend too. For a few years now Yahoo and other companies have been offering this "work from home" option or some kind of flexible schedule for employees. The companies that have been smart enough to do this say that employee morale is higher and productivity is up (think no more chatting at the water cooler).

But now this is hitting mainstream. Fifth Harmony's new song "Work from home". The Ice Breaker Commercial "I'm not standard" in which the girl negotiates 3 weeks of vacation versus the quoted "standard" 2 weeks. It’s not that this generation is lazy or doesn't want to work, which I think is a common misconception of our elder generations. In fact, we love to work. We just want to do something meaningful, that has vision and that we can do at 2am or while sitting on the beach. Because what most employers are selling (and I'm not buying) is a broken system. A system where 62% of Americans have less than $1,000 in the bank. Where you work for 40 years, contribute to a standard 401k and are sold this elusive dream of "retirement" then when you get there you are a "fixed income" senior citizen getting $1,341 a MONTH is Social Security Benefits. That’s $335 a week!

I think the system is broken. The question is what are you going to do differently. I know what I'm doing.


How I Accomplish My Goals

My body is so happy to have today off - its like its taking a deep inhale of fresh air. But since it’s rest day it’s the day I review my goals and make shifts in priorities and time where I see that things might not line up.

The best research tell us that less than 3% of Americans actually write their goals down. Like whaaat?! Not having what you want to accomplish in the next month, 3 months and 1 year actually written down is like having some arbitrary idea of what you want to do with these 90 years (if you’re lucky) that you are given on this earth..

So what does it look like for me to do this? I do 1 month, 3 month and 1 year goals in the areas of fitness, business and relationships and learning. Then take each of those and break them down into small actionable steps. Then I put them on my calendar. Friends, “if it’s not scheduled it’s not real.”- Marie Forleo

Fitness Is a Mental Game

I would never have guessed this would be SO MUCH more mental than physical. The alarm clock went off at 6am, my muscles felt great and refreshed but my mind was tired.

It's interesting to me when people say "I wish I had your motivation". It's not motivation, it's dedication. Motivation is a fleeting emotion. It might be why you start, but it's not why you keep going everyday. There has to be a bigger reason why you are doing this.So why am I? To show that you don't have to be perfect to do great things. That you can fail OVER AND OVER AND OVER and you can still achieve the things you want.

It does not matter whether your goal is to make a million dollars, have the most ripped 6 pack or go on vacation once a month. If you stop being scared to push yourself, stop being scared try something that people question and possibly make fun of you for - you can and will do amazing things.


Do It For You

The world owes you NOTHING. This is your life and no one is going to "do it for you". Actually YOU owe the world. The fact that you exhale carbon dioxide and trees change it into oxygen to keep your ass alive is reason enough for you to go and do something for someone else.

Want to know the #1 key to being successful? Be selfless. Help others and expect nothing in return. Go out of your way to make someone's life better. Can you imagine if just half of the population did this? The dent we could make is global issues like world hunger and poverty is freaking mind blowing! You were not put on this earth to pay bills and die.

Go do something.

Exactly Where

I know exactly where I am going. I know exactly where our team is going. I know what our goals are and I review them weekly, sometimes daily. It is a-ok if you don't join us now. It’s a-ok if you are a cheerleader (because we need those to). It’s short and simple - we are on a mission to create freedom both physically and financially for as many people as we can.

Because people need what we have. People need to not to live paycheck to paycheck. Where 62% of Americans have LESS than $1,000 in the bank. People need to not huff and puff when they are chasing their kids around the back yard. And people need to stop eating food-like products through a drive through that is causing 1 in 3 Americans to be considered obese. This is an EPIDEMIC and I am only put on this earth for a set number of years so I'm going to do my hardest to make as big of an impact as I possibly can to make people's lives better.

Join us - or be a cheerleader. Either way - I appreciate YOU.

Choose Your Hard

I talk to so many women who are scared to even try or they have spent so long being pushed around by their problems that they are afraid to be led by their dreams instead. I get it. It’s hard. It's hard to ditch old eating habits. It’s hard to push play for 30 minutes a day. IT’S HARD.

But guess what? So is being unhappy with your body and health every dang day. Which do you choose? A hard 30 minutes a day, with a meal plan, portion control help, a yummy shake and a supportive community around you? Or, wanting something that you never make moves towards, waking up feeling tired, and wishing you had started working on you NOW. You gotta choose your hard, choose your battle.

Me personally? Going all in is difficult. I like pizza and cookies, a lot, but I would rather feel confident in my body, have an insane amount of energy and not even have to worry about the cover up then give in and waste day after day not working on me.

I Prayed For What I Have Now

I still remember the days I prayed for the things I have now. And on days like today - when my to-do list is forever long, I think it’s important to remember how far our team has come. I distinctly remember envisioning the days that I would have pages and pages of names of the people that I have helped. And now that list is well over 500. I remember so clearly seeing in my mind the ladies that I wanted to partner in business with so we could change more lives together - as a tribe. And now there is 150. I remember thinking how cool it would be to have an assistant - to help me out with things that I'm not that good at. And now I have 2.

Sometimes it feels like yesterday and sometimes it feels like a lifetime ago, but I know one thing.I will never forget and I will always be grateful. Here's to the next level - we are just getting started friends.

Fake Smile

WHOA FAKE SMILE! Wait, what did she just say? You read that right - I did not want to work out today (or actually do much of anything), and smiling wasn't really on my menu either.

But one of my dear friends who is a therapist has always told me that ACTIONS come before FEELINGS. And while I was really present in Nashville for my team that meant that things were piling up in the background. Pair that with a computer crash and jumping on a plane in 4 days from now, my go-to of feeling overwhelmed and paralyzed looked like a pretty comfy choice.

My job is not to be perfect - but to lead by example and honestly - to do things when I really don't freaking feel like it because it’s what I need to do to move my business forward and to help my team. So what did I do? Threw on my workout clothes, turned on the new country cardio dance workout program, and smiled all the way through even though the first 15 minutes were a complete lie.

The response? I feel SO MUCH BETTER - guess there is something that happens chemically in the ole' brain when you dance and smile (just a bonus that I was pouring sweat). And now - I'm back to conquering the world.