3 Tips to Becoming a Morning Person



I swore for YEARS that my body was made to workout in the evenings. Article after article would tell me that somehow I would function better if exercise was the first part of my day – and I continued to ignore them.

It wasn’t until a sheer lack of hours in the evening drove me to “try” this morning workout gig. And ya know it’s going pretty good. Its not easy to roll out of bed at 5:15 am (and I’m not sure it ever will be). But here are a few tips that are making it a little bit easier.

  • Limit screen time before bed.

This is super hard since we have our cell phones and iPad’s grabbing for our attention – not to mention the TV but I found a pretty strong correlation between the nights I stayed glued to my phone and the nights where I opted for a book before bed. Even just 30 minutes made all the difference. And yea – there are a bunch of scientific studies to back this but I won’t bore you with that.

  • Make things easy in the morning.

Just simple things like making sure the Kurig is full of water, and my  ingredients (obviously not the perishable stuff) is ready to go makes things so much better. I will even go so far as having my pre-workout powder right next to a blender bottle so all I have to do is add ice and water and press the play button on my DVD.

  • Share your plan publicly.

I told my team, my family members, and my phone (more on that in a second) that I was NOW a morning workout person. Risking the chance of someone asking you how your workout was at 10am and you haven’t done it is enough to get ya out of the warm covers. Also, I downloaded an app called Streak and plugged in the “habit” of morning workout. So I can only check it off if my workout was done in the morning.

and there they are, the 3 tips that are helping me become a morning workout person.

If you are a morning workout person I would LOVE to hear your tips in the comments.