The crazy simple thing that has caused a massive shift.

Today I want to share with you something I did last week, and it has made a huge impact. I was feeling a bit anxious and I couldn’t put my finger on it. This weird underlying not “at ease” feeling that I usually try to operate from, and I felt like my mind was going ninety miles an hour.

Know what I have felt since I have done this exercise? No BS - an insane sense of ease, calm and so much more refreshed. Really crazy I know. Before I did this (obviously) I didn’t know the outcome and feeling I would have or I would have done it sooner.

So here’s what I did (and I highly suggest you do it as well). Sit down with a notebook and right down all the thoughts and/or actions that are not serving you anymore.

What do I mean?

I fall into the comparison trap more than I would like to, I’ll spend hours looking at what others are doing in business and it paralysis me.

So one of the things I wrote down was “Comparing myself does not serve myself or others, I am in my own lane on my own journey”.

Another one for me was that I tend to schedule every single minute of every day. Effective? Sure. Leaving room for creativity and new ideas? Not so much.

So I wrote “Scheduling every minute doesn’t allow room for creativity and new ideas that I want to cultivate"

And on and on the list went (ok, it really ended up being like 5). 

Just things that I was ready to let go of and shift in my life.

Then on a fresh piece of paper I wrote the action I wanted to take in place of those. 

That became my new personal mission statement, or I dunno what the heck the right word would be.

Then I tore up the paper of the actions I wanted to let go of into tiny tiny pieces and tossed it (yea, burning it would have been so much more epic but my husband is a firefighter and that just wouldn’t go over well).

I know this seems super simple and an exercise you could do in your head but for some reason when you put those things on paper and look at them it gets them out of your head and allows you to move on. 

When those things that aren’t serving you hit the “light” instead of being bounced around in your head you can be free of them. 

Are there any thoughts or patterns that your like “ok, I’m ready for this to go”? IF you have any trouble coming up with a replacement action or behavior hit me up on snapchat HeatherLeigh507 and I’m happy to brainstorm with you!