Choose Balance

Do you know what makes this lifestyle doable? Balance. What I do, and what I help my clients do day in and day out is find the balance between the brownie and the wine, and the green smoothie and the workout. Health is not a "diet" or a "fad" it’s a lifestyle. When the motivation fades (and it will) dedication kicks in. Dedication to be the best I can be.

That means eat the amazing dessert my sister makes but setting my alarm clock 30 minutes earlier to sweat a little more the next day. It means having meaningful conversation over a glass of wine, then making a green smoothie the next morning.

This isn't about perfection - its about progress. I'm the same girl in person as I am online, so yes, you will see me opt for the seltzer water over the dr pepper (which I used to love), drink wine with you on Fridays then lace up my shoes with you on Saturday morning. I'll never pretend to be perfect - but I know what I do works - because it’s worked for me and the over 500 women I have helped. Get off the yo-yo and choose balance.