Choose Your Hard

I talk to so many women who are scared to even try or they have spent so long being pushed around by their problems that they are afraid to be led by their dreams instead. I get it. It’s hard. It's hard to ditch old eating habits. It’s hard to push play for 30 minutes a day. IT’S HARD.

But guess what? So is being unhappy with your body and health every dang day. Which do you choose? A hard 30 minutes a day, with a meal plan, portion control help, a yummy shake and a supportive community around you? Or, wanting something that you never make moves towards, waking up feeling tired, and wishing you had started working on you NOW. You gotta choose your hard, choose your battle.

Me personally? Going all in is difficult. I like pizza and cookies, a lot, but I would rather feel confident in my body, have an insane amount of energy and not even have to worry about the cover up then give in and waste day after day not working on me.