Exactly Where

I know exactly where I am going. I know exactly where our team is going. I know what our goals are and I review them weekly, sometimes daily. It is a-ok if you don't join us now. It’s a-ok if you are a cheerleader (because we need those to). It’s short and simple - we are on a mission to create freedom both physically and financially for as many people as we can.

Because people need what we have. People need to not to live paycheck to paycheck. Where 62% of Americans have LESS than $1,000 in the bank. People need to not huff and puff when they are chasing their kids around the back yard. And people need to stop eating food-like products through a drive through that is causing 1 in 3 Americans to be considered obese. This is an EPIDEMIC and I am only put on this earth for a set number of years so I'm going to do my hardest to make as big of an impact as I possibly can to make people's lives better.

Join us - or be a cheerleader. Either way - I appreciate YOU.