Fake Smile

WHOA FAKE SMILE! Wait, what did she just say? You read that right - I did not want to work out today (or actually do much of anything), and smiling wasn't really on my menu either.

But one of my dear friends who is a therapist has always told me that ACTIONS come before FEELINGS. And while I was really present in Nashville for my team that meant that things were piling up in the background. Pair that with a computer crash and jumping on a plane in 4 days from now, my go-to of feeling overwhelmed and paralyzed looked like a pretty comfy choice.

My job is not to be perfect - but to lead by example and honestly - to do things when I really don't freaking feel like it because it’s what I need to do to move my business forward and to help my team. So what did I do? Threw on my workout clothes, turned on the new country cardio dance workout program, and smiled all the way through even though the first 15 minutes were a complete lie.

The response? I feel SO MUCH BETTER - guess there is something that happens chemically in the ole' brain when you dance and smile (just a bonus that I was pouring sweat). And now - I'm back to conquering the world.