Normal Is Boring

“Normal" always seemed boring to me. Normal meant complaining how not fun marriage is, loads of debt, fighting because it's "how you work things out", a 30 year mortgage and a 50% divorce rate. No thank you. From the beginning I knew this wasn't going to be a "normal" relationship. But 8 years ago an understated, quiet man got my attention, and never let go.

Has it been easy? No. Has it been worth it? You bet your life. We've built houses together, laid sod for 14 hours straight, moved 7 times but we have also snowboarded across mountains, sailed the British Virgin Islands, partied the night away in Vegas and zip lined through Mexico.

I'll take "not normal" and "unconventional" any day of the week. I said "I do" at an unconventional wedding in Mexico, on a jetty, where our closest friends and family witnessed, celebrated, and blessed, our not normal way and we danced the night away, barefoot, under the Mexican moon. The love of my life, my partner in building our empire, my best friend, and the not so quiet anymore man grabbed my attention, and never let go.