We Need to Work Differently

I want to know if you are noticing this trend too. For a few years now Yahoo and other companies have been offering this "work from home" option or some kind of flexible schedule for employees. The companies that have been smart enough to do this say that employee morale is higher and productivity is up (think no more chatting at the water cooler).

But now this is hitting mainstream. Fifth Harmony's new song "Work from home". The Ice Breaker Commercial "I'm not standard" in which the girl negotiates 3 weeks of vacation versus the quoted "standard" 2 weeks. It’s not that this generation is lazy or doesn't want to work, which I think is a common misconception of our elder generations. In fact, we love to work. We just want to do something meaningful, that has vision and that we can do at 2am or while sitting on the beach. Because what most employers are selling (and I'm not buying) is a broken system. A system where 62% of Americans have less than $1,000 in the bank. Where you work for 40 years, contribute to a standard 401k and are sold this elusive dream of "retirement" then when you get there you are a "fixed income" senior citizen getting $1,341 a MONTH is Social Security Benefits. That’s $335 a week!

I think the system is broken. The question is what are you going to do differently. I know what I'm doing.