Working While Traveling: All It Takes Is Guts and Wifi

I will never take for granted the ability to travel like we do. Having the finances and the flexibility to visit so many amazing places isn't something I take lightly but it doesn't come without hard work.

When I get messages like "so jealous" and "you’re so lucky" I want to hug you and tell you that I am not special and you can do the same. Are there sacrifices? You bet. I have no clue what's happening on Walking Dead - actually I have never seen an episode. I get up before the sun comes up to knock out my workout so I can leave more time in the evenings for calls with our team and making trainings to help THEM be successful. But the thing is- it's so much fun, and totally worth the lack of extra sleep and tv.

What is better than actually making money through social media (heck- we are on here already anyway), and hanging out with the most amazing, positive, inspiring people from all over the country? All it takes is some guts and wifi!