My Work Is Just Beginning

Someone asked me today what my life would look life if I never made the decision to be a coach. That answer couldn’t be summed up in a short message so I asked her to give me a few hours. You see, tomorrow a group of amazing women who just recently decided that it’s their passion, their destiny, to inspire others to live a healthy lifestyle begin their training on the ins and outs of being a coach. And someday someone will ask them the same question I got today.

If I never made the decision to be a coach nearly a thousand lives wouldn’t have been given the opportunity to once and for all lose the weight that has been dragging them around and depleting their confidence. Hundreds wouldn’t have been given the chance to then pay that forward and create not only physical freedom but financial freedom for themselves and their families. I would never have been able to see women, who desperately wanted to stay home and raise their children be able to do that through building a business from home. I would never have been able to mentor women who were drowning in the rat race of corporate America be able to say “screw that” and do something that allowed them the time freedom that their soul craved.

Because this isn’t about having 6 pack abs or only eating cans of tuna fish. This is about helping people create a life they LOVE whatever that looks like for them. And based on the rising statistics on obesity and debt, my work has just begun.