What Can You Do in 30 Days?

What can you accomplish in 30 days? 30 days ago coming home from Alaska I set new goals. I wanted to not only get back on track with my fitness and nutrition but really ENJOY the process. I wanted to feel mentally refreshed, physically rejuvenated and all around just more full of life. Sure, there have been a few hard days this past month but they have been very few and far between. I haven't missed a single workout the past month and my nutrition has been about 80% of the plan because I wouldn't (and never will) miss out on life experiences just because of a program that I'm on - that's just how I roll.

The emails went out today for the official enrollment of the Back To School Boot Camp and right now there are only 8 spots left. Drop your email in the comments below if you are ready for the next 30 days to be different than your last. You are capable of amazing things and I am here to be your guide.