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hey girl

I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, and you are here, so take a minute and keep scrolling. About 4 years ago there started to be this deep desire to have more freedom in my time. I love to travel and 2 weeks of vacation at the corporate job just wasn't cutting it. There was the constant worry of "how much vacation time do I have left", "are they going to deny my time off request (because oops, I had already bought the plane ticket)".

I'm not here to say that there was a car crash, or visit from angels moment that made me decide to take a leap and try something different, nope, that wasn't it. Just the blazer was getting a little too uncomfortable and I was itching for more freedom.


It just made sense

I don't analyze the crap out of things. If it seems to just make sense, then I do it. Seriously though girl, its the START and DECISION that stops most people. Quit "deciding" and just do <--- life tip. But lets move on.

I knew I should be working out and eating healthier. As a former college athlete turned corporate chic my pencil skirt was starting to get a bit too tight with the early morning Starbucks runs and after work happy hours. 

I needed something that would fit into my life, not the other way around. That was actually my thought process when I started to desperately figure out what I could do around the corporate schedule to build a blog, or business or I didn't know what to call it then.


everything came together


Wait. I can workout at home. Learn how to cook simple and healthy meals that fit into my schedule AND build a business while having people come on this journey with me.

Just DUH. 

Again, I don't overcomplicate things. I was on the signup page before I even knew "how we made money" or "exactly how do I help people". Yea - I just didn't care. I cared about two things.

That I could get on a lifestyle of being healthy.

And I could help others along this journey with me.


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