summer Soirees

trips to the beach

We may not get "summer breaks" anymore but that doesn't mean there isn't something special about summer. It's in the air. The urge to travel, for salt air to be in your lungs and sand in your toes.

Summer feels easy, flowy and breezy. So why should our health and fitness be any different?

this is for the woman who:

  • Wants a relaxed fitness plan that can be juggled around so she can say yes to that last minute wine night with the girls.
  • Simple nutrition that can work with the cookout, wine tasting event, trip to the lake or cooking at home.
  • Would love a collection of simple recipes for those hot summer nights you are home and want to whip up something fast.
  • Desires something that is summer time sustainable. It's no fun being locked away in a gym while all your girls are having fun, but neither is staring at the bikini in distain. 

Hi, my name is HeatherLeigh and you probably know me from facebook or instagram where I share freely daily my journey, my struggles and my successes. But what you might not know is I've worked with thousands of women and helped them achieve amazing results physically which spills over into EVERY part of your life.

This is what I have learned from those amazing thousands of women because they teach me as much as I teach them.

Its never about the 10lbs - its about the uncomfortable, not confident feeling that those 10lbs grip on us when we go to slip on the little black dress for date night.

It's never just about tank top worthy shoulders, its about feeling strong so that you can hold your shoulders back, chin high (and if you choose, toss your own case of water into your car without asking for help).

(All quotes & photos used with permission. Items where name is marked out are quotes from exclusive VIP group so names are blurred for customer privacy)


 Next Level Babes Fit Club is legit a all-encompassing club.

We focus on the physical fitness, nutrition, support and accountability, motivation to keep you going, and what comes out of this is truly Next Level.

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Meet Molly.

THIS is what can happen with home workouts and done for you meal plans. No starvation. No fat loss gimmicks—just less than 40 minute workouts a meal plan based on portion control that teaches you how to work in wine and treats (because…duh priorities lol). Superfood shakes and support in the form of a private online community. AND these results are LASTING.



Meet Corrine

This program truly gave me the much needed boost in confidence and pure love of doing HARD THINGS -- along with the RESULTS from doing so!
As proud as I am of the inches and pounds lost, what I'm even happier with is everything I've GAINED: 
- endurance
- confidence
- belief
- wonderful habits
- dedication
- positive views on nutrition


Meet Amber

"When I lost my excuses I found my results"

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